MedVision’s Leonardo Helps Bridge Gap in Healthcare Simulation Diversity

Tampa, FL, January 21, 2021

Today, Leonardo is designed for cardiopulmonary resuscitation performance training, intensive care, and advanced life-support procedures using a large variety of possible medical situations…

Why Some Sim Experts are Already Calling This The World’s Best New High-Fidelity Patient Simulator

Tampa, FL, January 7, 2021

MedVision has continued the advancement of educational excellence in quality healthcare through the development of advanced medical simulation patient manikins…

MedVision Webinar Demos COVID-19 Patient Simulator Training with Leonardo

Tampa, FL, December 16, 2020

MedVision will host a webinar titled “Treating the COVID Patient with a high-fidelity Leonardo”. Attendees can expect to learn how programming MedVision software is easy, fast and solution-friendly.