Arthur is our pediatric patient simulator developed and created to bring pediatric patient care to a whole new level. We took the best from our LEONARDO simulator and carefully carried it to Arthur, resulting in a unique conformity to all pediatric care requirements and standards.

Develop Major Medical Skills:

  • Perform CPR in accordance with 2010-2015 AHA/ERC Guidelines for CPR and defibrillation with or without use of acute care medications and a real defibrillator.
  • Perform normal intubation procedures with/without complications such as tongue swelling, laryngeal edema, laryngospasm, left/right bronchi obstruction and lockjaw.
  • Perform pleural cavity drainage, urethral catheterization and decompression of tension pneumothorax.
  • Perform intramuscular, intraosseous and intravenous injections with selection of administered medicine and dose amount given with automatic software recognition.
  • Perform cricoid pressure technique (Sellick’s Maneuver.)
  • Ausculation and interpretation of heart, lungs and bowel sounds with Korotkoff tones, which require correct instrument positioning.


Key Features

  • Realistic face
  • Wireless/Tetherless connection and up to 8 hours of Battery Life
  • Excellent joint mobility with realistic weight and full articulation of extremities
  • Easy to clean/self sealing skin (perfect for moulage)
  • CT scan based airway and Highly durable
  • Airway complications: tongue edema (2 levels), Tongue fallback, Pharyngeal obstruction, Laryngospasm)
  • Highly durable airway
  • Use a live ECG monitor and a live defibrillator
  • VCV,PCV, assist-control, SIMV,CPAP,BiPAP) holds PEEP up to 20 cm H2O, ARDS settings, realistic compliance
  • Drug recognition system and real pharmacological responses
  • Realistic chest compressions (over 1M compressions through just one torso skin)
  • Pulse synchronization with BP (carotid, brachial, femoral)
  • Real-Time Tracking and analysis of CPR Performance

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