Leonardo is as an adult patient simulator of the highest standard of realism in form and function. It is design for cardiopulmonary resuscitation performance training, intensive care, and life-support procedures using a large variety of possible medical situations.

Develop Major Medical Skills:

  • Perform CPR with or without use of acute care medication and a real defibrillator.
  • Perform normal intubation procedures or with complications. Tongue swelling, laryngeal edema, laryngospasm, left/right bronchi obstruction and lockjaw.
  • Decompression of tension pneumothorax, perform pleural cavity drainage and Urethral Catheterization.
  • Perform intramuscular, intraosseous and intravenous injections with selection of administered medicine and amount of dose given with automatic software recognition.
  • Perform cricoid pressure technique (Sellick’s maneuver)
  • Auscultation and interpretation of heart, lungs and bowels sounds with Korotkoff tones which requires correct positioning of instrument.


Paramount Realism

Extensive functionality, combined with the ability to use your own medical devices, will enable learners to fully immerse and challenge themselves as they put their individual and team skills to the test in time-critical emergency scenarios.

Expansive Software

Our intuitive software is so easy to use, you can run Leonardo on the fly and capture learning opportunities in the moment – all in a risk-free environment! Alternatively, you can create your own scenarios to cover specific teaching points and learning objectives unique to your training programs.

Advance Simulation

Our line of patient simulators has drastically improved automatic tracking and evaluation, intuitively simple and elegant software. Interchange- able trauma limbs, wound and amputation modules which contain main biological fluid capability.

Key Features

  • Wireless/Tetherless connection and up to 9 hours of Battery Life
  • The most realistic face in the market
  • Excellent joint mobility with realistic weight and full of articulation of extremities
  • Easy to clean/self sealing skin (perfect for moulage)
  • CT scan based airway and Highly durable
  • Airway complications: tongue edema (2 levels), Tongue fallback, Pharyngeal obstruction, Laryngospasm)
  • Automatic blinking, depending on the physiological state of the patient: pupils reacting to light
  • Use a live ECG monitor and a live defibrillator
  • Use a real ventilator (VCV, PCV, assist-control, SIMV, CPAP, BiPAP). 20 cm PEEP H2O, ARDS settings, realistic compliance
  • Drug recognition system and real pharmacological responses
  • Realistic chest compressions (over 1M compressions through just one torso skin)
  • High quality CPR (ready for AHA 2020 guidlines)
  • Pulse synchronized with BP (14 pulses)
  • Secretions (sweat, tears, nose, mouth, ears, urine)
  • Real-Time Tracking and analysis of CPR Performance
  • Needle decompression (over 500 sticks per side)

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